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4_berth_oceania.jpeg Offshore Floatels provides accommodation vessels for oil and gas, marine tourism, commercial diver support, crew transfer and marine research organisations. 
"Our latest vessel “Reef Prince” is an exciting development, we are proud to offer this 38m vessel to inshore marine industries. Our vessels are state of the art and offer comfortable accommodation and minimal environmental foot print, while being very versatile and able to operate in remote locations for extended periods.”

Offshore Floatels can meet the challenge of providing logistical solutions by offering a wide range of accommodation, transportation and hospitality options. Land based solutions are often not an option due to lack of a suitable site.  "Floatels" (floating hotels)  can be deployed anywhere in Australia on short notice to house from 20-48 persons.  Services can be turnkey dry hire. Or can be in fully serviced, catered and crewed. Vessel maybe stationery or cruising. Engagements can last from 2 weeks to 5 years and more. Please let us know what you are looking for we will be pleased to crane_rp.jpegassist. 

Floating hotels

  • Quick mobilization  

  • Includes amenities such as 24 hour internet, snack vending machine, Coffee machine,  games and activity room, fitness area and library, medical treatment room, VIP lounges and ensuited cabins. 

  •  Located near or on-site

  • Can be adjusted to accommodate personnel in either separate cabins or multiple persons per cabin to suit requirements

  • All meals prepared to our clients specifications.  Special requirements for religious, cultural or other readily met 

  • Can be supplied crewed or bare

  • OVID Compliant. PMS and SMS in place